Diamonds, the Maltese with great spirit.

When I decided to get my wife a dog for our anniversary it was decided that we would contact Chris at California K9 because of our past experience with him.  We knew that he would get us the best dog available and he did just that.

When we received Diamonds, she was still with the litter at 12 weeks old rather than the traditional 8 weeks. She was also personally trained by the breeders wife.  It was a BIG day for us and it was a BIG day for Diamonds because it was the first time she'd ever been outdoors and the day she met her new mommy.

During our meeting that day; we were briefed that Diamonds was potty trained. So when we went home with her for the first time we put a pee pad down as we had been instructed.  Within an hour Diamonds had used it and has been using it exclusively ever since.

Diamonds the Maltese

Now, three years later, Diamonds is an integral part of our family and is always there for us when we need her.  We would like to thank California Chris for his expertise and personal attention to our requests.  I would never go anywhere else!