Quality K9 Products for your K9's Health & Happiness

Our company was born out of a belief that both people and pets deserve healthier, more effective products to help them lead more fulfilling and abundant lives. We are absolutely firm in our commitment to provide safe and effective products that satisfy this principle.

To do so, we cultivate long-term relationships with our suppliers to make sure we obtain the highest quality ingredients at the most reasonable prices. Our products are formulated by skilled experts who are dedicated to using the best of modern science and natural goodness, and they are produced by accomplished professionals who have a reputation for excellence. These practices allow us to offer you wholesome, safe and highly-effective products at exceptional values.

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California K9 recommends the following products for your K9's Health and Happiness!

Vetericyn Wound & Skin Care

VETERICYNA non-toxic spray, naturally works with your pet's body, mimicking their immune system's response to infection. Kills 99.99% of infection in just 30 seconds, increasing the oxygen supply to the wound and promoting rapid healing. Great for a variety of wounds and infections on all animals Effectively treats cuts, scratches, ringworm, hot spots, burns, rashes, rain rot, cinch fungus and more, without stinging or irritating the wound. The multi-purpose spray can also be used as a preventative for common infections, sanitizing cages, beds, wraps, tack, cinches and other animal care surfaces without staining.

Nu-Stock Topical Treatment

NU-STOCK-TOPICAL-TREATMENT Proven to be effective for fast relief of red mange on dogs, demodex and saracoptic mange, hotspots, screw worm, and ring worm. Nu-Stock eliminates certain types of growths on animals and is effective for ear mites. Has been tested and used for over thirty years.

Nutri-Cal for Dogs

NUTRI-CAL-DOGSA high calorie nutritional supplement loaded with vitamins and minerals. Quality nutrition for picky eaters, dogs who are 'off food' or dogs who require an additional source pf energy. Great tasting gel is easy to administer to your dog for a boost of supplemental nutrition any time.

UltraSheild EX

ULTRA-SHIELD-EXThe hardest working insecticide-repellent around that can be used on dogs. The most advanced, ready-to-use fly, mosquito and tick repellent available. Kills and repels insects for 17 days, including mosquitoes that transmit West Nile Virus.

Bio Spot Defense Flea & Tick

BIO-SPOT-DEFENSE-FLEA-TICKKills adult fleas and ticks and contains an Insect Growth Regulator (IGR) to kill flea eggs and larvae for up to 30 days. Starts Killing Fleas and Ticks within 15 minutes, Water Resistant in humid and wet conditions, Contains lanolin to help condition coat, Controls flea re-infestation for up to 2.5 months.

We believe this product works just as well as Advantage or Frontline, but at a more affordable price!

Grannicks Bitter Apple

GRANNICKS-BITTER-APPLEA topical spray that discourages dogs from biting and chewing on hot spots, injuries, and bandages. Bitter Apple can also be used to prohibit chewing on furniture and shoes.

Authority Large Breed Puppy Food

AUTHORITY-LARGE-BREED-PUPPY-FOODContains real chicken as the #1 ingredient, providing plenty of protein to help your puppy grow up strong. Made with essential vitamins and minerals, the food offers balanced nutrition and helps puppies to build a healthy immune system. The food is also formulated with fish oil rich in DHA to promote healthy brain and eye development, while optimal protein and fat levels help your pal grow and develop.

We start all of our puppies on this food. After much research, we believe this is a great, high quality food, at an affordable price!

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